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1- Neuro Probe
2- Fairfax County, Virginia
3- Office of Community Revitalization and Reinvestment
4- Potomac Title Corp
5- PTC Power
6- IAHSA 8th International Conference



PTC Power
My Role: Project Management, Information Architecture, Creative Design, HTML

* PTC Power web site screenshot

PTC Diesel Power-USA brought me in to redesign the look & feel for their web site. PTC, Incorporated is a traditional business and does most of its sales through phone calls and faxes. They expanded to the Internet mainly as a tool to communicate their inventory to an existing and potential client-base.

In the design it was important to highlight these traditional means of communication, so at the top and bottom of every page are the phone and fax numbers. The grey tones were pulled from machinery and the reddish-brown hue is from an existing packing label.

PTC Power web site screenshot PTC Power web site screenshot

PTC set up, populated and integrated their database, as well as maintains the web site. They regularly update their online inventory.

Visit the live site: