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1- Neuro Probe
2- Fairfax County, Virginia
3- Office of Community Revitalization and Reinvestment
4- Potomac Title Corp
5- PTC Power
6- IAHSA 8th International Conference



IAHSA 8th International Conference
My Role: Creative Design, HTML Templates

* Web site screenshot

International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IAHSA) asked me to design a web site to disseminate information on their biennial international conference. I designed the web site in the spirit of some print materials IAHSA had already developed for the conference. I created HTML templates and a basic web site shell for IAHSA to launch the web site as soon as possible.

Web site screenshot Web site screenshot

IAHSA plugged the templates into the selected content management system, added their content and maintains their web site.

Visit the live site: