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1- American Chemical Society
2- Plateau TMS
3- UC Berkeley CalMail
4- Special Olympics Portal
5- OpWatch
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UC Berkeley CalMail
Secure Online Email Application
Team Lead: ECHO Labs (Account/ Project Management, Development)
My Role: Creative Design

* CalMail home page design concept

ECHO Labs brought me in to create a look & feel for UC Berkeley's online email application, CalMail. CalMail is the successor of BearMail (Berkeley's original online email application). CalMail needed to visually clue students and faculty that they were logged into the new and improved BearMail.

CalMail login design concept CalMail Options page design concept

CalMail was converted to a CGPro system and now uses CGPro's proprietary WSSP files. We designed the UI and set up the basic WSSP files. ECHO Labs and UC Berkeley maintain any changes to the design and functionality of the online application.